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            Solution PlanSolution Plan
            Customer witnessCustomer witness
            Years of experience, quality guaranteed
            Years of experience, quality guarant...

            Shenzhen wenbo technology products the company has 10 years of experience and cooperation with the world top 500 enterprises, products sold at home and abroad, using their companys products I rest assured![detail]

            Exquisite workmanship, reliable!
            Exquisite workmanship, reliable!

            Wenbo professional design, open mold, production, sales, various series trophy MEDALS, arts and crafts with independent alloy processing workshops, crystal processing workshops, resin processing workshops. Exquisite workmanship, reliable![detail]

            Professional production, good service
            Professional production, good servic...

            Quality of 100%, more than ten years production experience; Prices 100%, powerful production technology, XiSuo process, cost price is higher than normal, more worth it; Delivery on time, on time delivery, full tracking service in place[detail]

            Reliable quality, beautiful products, cost-effective
            Reliable quality, beautiful products...

            Shenzhen wenbo technology products company more than a decade of trophy design and production of production experience and high quality r&d team and production team; Owns standard workshop, with independent alloy processing workshops, crystal processing workshops, resin processing workshops; With perfect design, engraving, open mold, production...[detail]

            Common problemCommon problem
            ask How to choose a crystal trophy
            answer Crystal trophy is awarded to the outstanding outstanding as encouragement prize, the quality requirements must be good quality goods, rather than defe... [detail]
            ask The trophy what material?
            answer Three general categories: 1 metal material (usually copper, zinc Aluminum Alloy mold casting or forging molding, surface plating polishing. The whole ... [detail]
            Solution PlanSolution Plan
            The company's business scope

            The company's business scope

            The company has perfect design, engraving, mold, production and assembly of complete system management system,...[detail]

            About usAbout us
            Shenzhen wenbo technology products company is approved by the national related department to register a collection development, production, sales as one of professional craft gift manufacturer, is one of the famous trophy manufacturing enterprises in China, the company focus on product development, production and sales.The company has "wenbo" brand in the industry have high visibility. After years of efforts to develop, the company has the perfect design, engraving, open mold, production, assembling a full set of management system, ex... [detail]
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